BBQ Chicken was originated from Korea in September 1995 and has grown to become the No. 1 franchise brand in Korea. With one of its outlet now located at Imago KK Times Square, The Seats.my team was truly privileged to be invited for the launch of BBQ Chicken’s new menu at Imago KK! On the day itself, other food bloggers and passionate foodies were also present making the atmosphere very lively and warm!


For the occasion we were served with an appetizer (Sweet Pumpkin – Cajun Salad), five different variety for the main course (Tuna Jumokbap, Bulgogi Bap-Burger Meal, 4 Combo, Kimchi Chicken Dol-Sod Bap, Grilled Chicken Spoon Pizza) and some drinks. Simple looking food but each dish packs a different and unexpected twist whether it’s on the ingredients or the taste!


Not to mention the environment was nicely decorated with colourful balloons and a special chicken-shaped sculpture made of balloons right before you enter the restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were also really friendly which was a definite thumbs up in terms of their services.

We would definitely come back for their yummy chicken (4 Combo) and their famous “Pane Mushroom Cream Soup” on our next trip!

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