After a long 2-year break, is back in action! We’re an Optimistic bunch.

Our long awaited desire of “ is back!” has finally became a reality. The past 2 years has been a crazy and full of ups and downs.

Speaking of crazy, when was the last time you did something crazy? is back

When was the last time you started a new business, something that you had never done before?

It might’ve been a very long time ago and it’s hard to remember.

We know for a lot of people, their time seems to have frozen, and remained stagnant with the past 2 years being in lockdown. It’s the same for us.

But as soon as the reopening of the border, and how everything seems to be ‘returning’ to a normal, a new normal, we’re reminded of how everything started.

The last time we went crazy and started this was 7 years ago when we accidentally started our food blogging journey in 2015 and it became somewhat of a success to us. Over the next few years we were able to travel and also document our food adventures.

We’d never imagine to hit the handbrake, and never in our wildest mind imagine that we would utter, “ is back”, prior to 2020.

We’ve also posted a visual story and ‘how we’re restarting after a long hiatus‘.

Can’t say we’re not excited – it’s how we are able to keep going now after our short 2 years tumble. Back to our story –

– But in 2020, every stopped. Our business wasn’t generating any revenue and we were struggling to keep up with the expenses of running the whole project while the pandemic struck. 💔

It was difficult for everyone and our partners, affiliate, staff, influencers, friends and our big family.

When the pandemic hit, we thought our dreams of food and travel blogging were over. We had to take a break from the blog to focus on our other matters, and most importantly our health.

But, as time went by, we realized that we were missing something. The very platform , was a way for us to connect with others and share our thoughts and experiences about food with the local community, and it’s something that we really valued.

Our big restart and “ is back” campaign

So, together we decided to restart the website, Facebook, Instagram, and other social profiles and continue to write about food, as we had always wanted to.

This gave us the opportunity to start anew. We’ve restored our blog and the old content, we didn’t get the old Facebook and Instagram page, but that wasn’t all that important.

We are really excited about our new direction and we intend to bring you the best adventure, tips and tricks, and reviews of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

We’ve been passionate about food and travel for as long as we can remember. We’ve always loved exploring new places and learning about the people and cultures that make them what they are.

So we’ve also decided to release our past, and future Photo in various platform for sell. You can check out our pages here to navigate to your preferred platform with our available images for sell.

We’ll be renewing our content style and upping the quality of new post as well as trying our new projects. Many exciting things ahead.

It’s after all our “ is back” campaign, in a way – so, we’re looking to grow our audience and website more this next season.


Besides do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut? That everything you do is the same?

Well, we did, and we are trying more new concept and different content ideas to bring contents to you.

Anyway, thanks for being here for us and please, join us on our journey as we show you how to have an adventure and what to eat. We want to share our love of food and travel with you, through

Our goal is to inspire you to get out there and experience the world too. We’ll be featuring foods and travel locations from all over #Sabah and throughout Borneo.

Join our community of #seatsmy and we’ll feature your post/ image or stories.

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