The Bear Factory Cafe – An Alluring Cafe for Children and Parents in 2022

The Bear Factory Cafe is the place to visit if you have a child and you want to do something that he/she can enjoy and have fun with. If you are looking for something that is both, exciting and fun, then you should visit Bear Factory Cafe.

Have you ever felt wistful about a time when you could travel but you couldn’t as a parent? You wanted to explore a foreign country, experience a new culture and live as someone else does. Well, here is the opportunity to do it! Whether you are a local or a traveller, there is something in common between us. A desire to taste a new meal, travel to a new place, explore a new country and experience a foreign culture. 

What is Bear Factory Cafe?

Today, I will introduce you to Bear Factory Cafe, a new restaurant that opened in town. I will share with you what you can expect from this new cafe, including the food and drinks that they serve, along with what sets it apart from the other cafes.

What is even more remarkable is that the building is not just a cafe, it is also a shop, an arcade and a nursery. Bear Factory Cafe is located in Kompleks BSA.

It is a cafe, shop, arcade, including a nursery room all in one. With its very own food, toys and games and an arcade all on the premises, it is definitely a place that is loved by many parents and their children. The cafe is split into three different parts.

How do I get there?

lot 5 , Lorong Kompleks BsSA, Kompleks BSA kota kinabaku, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Links: Facebook

The Kid’s Section

The first section is a kids/ toys shop. Here people can enjoy shopping for gifts, toys, and useful things for their children. The shop’s section is filled with puzzles, ride-on toys, books, gifts, school stationaries, bags, bikes, arcade machines, board games, plush toys, and more! There are some amazing displays such as Ironman or other marvel superheroes too!

The Bear Factory Cafe

The second section is the cafe itself on the 1st floor. This is where all the magic happens. It is popular with children and parents. It is the type of cafe where you can just sit and relax. For parents, it’s a great place to bring your children to play. It is filled with high ceilings, big windows that create lovely natural light and, most importantly, it is built to impress with toys and fluffy lights installed.

This is where people can enjoy freshly brewed coffee and a wide variety of delicious snacks. You can order a large variety of different types of food and drinks. I personally recommend the Mix off small burgers for families with children. You can quickly grab a bite enjoy the fries and have your children play at the 3rd section.

The cafe has a lovely whimsical feel to it, which emanates from its floors, walls, furniture and lighting. The cafe itself is split into two sections. There is the main section which is where the cafe is housed and there is a separate section on the left side of the cafe which is the bar, arcade, and nursery area.

The main section of the cafe has a counter where customers can order their food and drinks from. There are a couple of seats in this area. There is the ‘normal’ table where people sit facing each other. There is a counter height table where people can sit facing each other or by themselves. The cafe’s main feature is the furnished wooden seats that are sort of a private room or space that can seat a generous amount of people. The seats are made of thick and sturdy wood. They sport a wall lamp to help light out up the mood. The café has a nice seating area that is located to the left of the cafe.

The Third Section – A nursery area

This would be the next section, the third section that host a long bar size table, arcade, and the nursery room itself. Here, you can meet and interact with the arcade, play with toys or read books. There are also a number of tables situated around the nursery area.

In this third section, there are two main areas. The first is the arcade. This room would be used for video games and play a wide variety of video games like the ones seen in most arcades today. The second is the nursery room. This room would be for children to play with toys, make their own works of art, or just spend time with the parents or other children. When you are tired of playing video games alone, you can play with your friends and have a good time.

How is the food in Bear Factory Cafe?

What I like about Bear Factory Cafe is that they have a variety of food to choose from, they also have very friendly staff, they have a kids menu, I like that the foods and drinks are responsibly priced and acceptable portion. This place is a great place to go for the entire family.

There is plenty of room to sit down and relax as well as children’s play areas to keep them occupied. The food is not the best in town but it’s definitely good enough for family and for those who want to go for a quick lunch or dinner.


The bear factory cafe is a place to enjoy and enjoy, just like any other restaurant. This is a good place to chill out after a long day at work. Its purpose is to offer enjoyable and social activities to children of all ages and to adults who want to bring out their inner child. Bear Factory Cafe also provides adults with a place to chill out, unwind, and have fun in an environment that is not crowded.

The time when arcade games were only found in arcades is long gone. Now, there are a variety of arcade games on the market. Many of them have unique mechanics, they are better in their designs, and are played by the masses.

However, the most important thing is to ensure that the player can enjoy their time playing arcade games at the arcade. One of the best things about arcade games is that they are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to other forms of entertainment.

I love the arcade. I have a lot of childhood memories of it, so when I heard about a bear factory, I had to visit. The Bear Factory Cafe is where you can take your child for a little adventure, complete with life-sized bears and displays figurines and other plushies.

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