Seats Christmas Events and Giveaways

Christmas Event at Kota Kinabalu – Santa SEATS is coming quickly this 2018!

It’s been a little while since we’ve shared our review and giveaway with you. A lot has happened since our last blog post. We have added lots of new content to our site and have been working on some very big projects.

So we thought it’s time to do a giveaway again. This time we have teamed up with a fantastic list of cafes.

You can see there are many stores started to decorate their outlet with fairy lights, decorated pine tree, red stockings, jingle bells or other blingy sparking decor, some might already playing the festive songs.

Yes! Christmas is coming soon! There are so many things to do in Kota Kinabalu during Christmas event, and we are not going to miss it!

Seats Christmas Event and Giveaways

Incoming Christmas Event

We’re very exciting to celebrate our second Christmas so we’ve prepared more GIVEAWAYS (more than 100 prizes to be won)!

So, if you want to get present from Santa SEATS, stay tuned at our Facebook and Instagram page to find out the latest news for Christmas Event!

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