EJ Bakes A Quick Insightful Tale back in 2020

How did EJ Bakes started?

Eleanor started his career with only one kind of baked goods. However, now he offers many varieties of mouth-watering desserts!

“I am proud to be part of the growing business community in Kota Kinabalu.”
When Eleanor was younger, his parents would send him to his great aunt’s house before heading to work during school holidays.


His aunt would ask him to help her bake and even let him bake by himself with her guidance and supervision. He remembered baking cupcakes and brownies with his aunt, and he even asked his dad to buy him an oven! But when she went back to live overseas and with schoolwork, he never really got the time to bake again. He would still occasionally bake, but it wasn’t as often as before.

During the last year of his diploma, he would head on to Wisma Merdeka to buy his favourite cupcakes and cinnamon rolls every Friday! Mind you, he didn’t like the smell of cinnamon until he tried a few times.

After realizing that Kota Kinabalu did not have many bakeries specializing in cinnamon rolls, he decided to try making them himself. He had enough trials and errors which eventually helped him get more confident in baking.

After receiving encouragement from friends, family members and business partners; he then began to experiment with other types of sweets and cakes such as cheesecakes, sponge cake, fruit cakes and breads. With these new recipes came further improvements to improve flavour, texture and appearance.

These changes were met with mixed reviews because some customers felt that their expectations of ‘bakery-style’ products changed while others found themselves enjoying the sweet taste of the old favourites they grew up eating.

What was important was that the sales kept growing and there was no stopping him anymore! After expanding the menu to include cheesecakes, cakes and pastries, EJ Bakes began its first journey selling just one type of product.

“It’s always nice being appreciated for what I do!” said Eleanor with a smile on his face.
Eleanor Jameson is proud to be part of the growing business community in Kota Kinabalu. His story of EJ Bakes humble beginning proves how determination can take someone far beyond any obstacles that stand in his way.

Through perseverance in pursuing his goals and hard work, he has now built up a flourishing baking company!

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