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Events and Festival is a never ending thing in this small state of Sabah, the most eatern part of Malaysia. Every month there will be some kind of festival or event taking place somewhere around us. Some are religious while others were just for fun like our local beer festival. We have to prepare ourselves with enough money when it comes to these kinds of things because we tend to spend too much on them especially during the festive season which usually falls at end of year.

Follow us as we travel from one destination to another all over Sabah, even to the West Malaysia – so you can experience what’s going on out here!

The latest Pop-up Market Festival

Pop-up Market has been a rage among locals since I was young but now it seems everyone wants their own pop-up market. It started off being something simple where people would bring whatever they want to sell and then put up tents near each other. 

But nowadays every neighbourhood, state, and months seem to have its very own pop-up market. The only problem though is how do you keep track of who is selling what? 

If you’re lucky you might bump into your old friend whom you haven’t seen in ages or maybe someone new that you don’t know yet. But the shops and stalls sure look promising right?

The OG Jesselton Artisan Market has changed how the younger generations can approach the pop-up market. 

This time around we’re curating a list below for those who wish to check out the different markets around town. You could also use this guide if you plan to set up your stall in any upcoming pop-up markets.

event pop-up market
  • Jesselton Artisan Market

    If you are looking to buy local craft and art, then Jesselton Artisan Market is the place to be. The local community gathers here on a regular basis to buy crafts, art, and antiques.

  • Store-y KK

    We believe that every business has a story to tell and that is exactly what Store-y Kota Kinabalu is about.

  • Borneo Native Festival

    We are celebrating indigenous people through their traditional arts forms. It will be a great opportunity for us, as tourists and locals, to experience local culture by getting hands-on with various cultural activities.

  • Urban Tamu

    Urban Tamu is a popup market that will be featuring small to medium vendors and businesses selling fashion, beauty, accessories, home and living, lifestyle and many more.