Henna Sapok: Sensational Tattoo from 2009

Check out Henna Sapok if you’re in the market for a temporary tattoo, Henna Tattoo. As a master artist himself, Saffwan the creator of Henna Sapok started her journey into Henna Tattoo in 2009.

Henna Sapok’s History

Her humble beginning started at a resort where he was doing demos for Henna Tattoo. The workshop demo ran from 2009 to 2014.

The seriously passionate and dedicated artist has grown since 2014 when he took the craft seriously. He would join events and craft festivals to grow his own talent as well as meet new people that shared similar interests with him.

Henna Tattoo was well-received among tourists and locals alike. He would also service Henna for fun in hotels, weddings, and even corporate events.

He was so popular that he started to get offers to do weddings and other ceremonies.

Henna Sapok has now become a permanent fixture in the Henna scene in Kota Kinabalu. He has also taken it upon himself to teach people about this ancient art form and has been running workshops since 2014.

His workshop has become a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike. His dedication to the craft is evident by the fact that he has no formal training. However, he is an accomplished artist in his own right.

Saffwan had no formal training in tattooing but he was very talented at it. He has been able to expand his repertoire of designs and now does more than just the traditional Henna style.

He also uses dabbles in other art forms such as stone art, mandala painting, calligraphy, mural, henna workshop, and footing art.

Henna Sapok’s Inspiration

He says that he is always inspired by others who are successful and he tries to replicate their techniques and styles.

Today, he runs his own studio and works as an independent artist. He is still in touch with his old friends who still frequent his workshops, which he names ‘Therapeutic Dotting Art’.

As a result of the feedback and word-of-mouth, he decided to take his skills to the next level by opening his own business.

This is what led him to see how much more there was to learn about this art form so long neglected by many today! This passion lead us all here…to Henna Sapok!

He’s constantly inspired by people around him and never stops learning or growing because like any true creative person will say: “There can be only one!” And I’m sure we’d agree on that statement after reading through some of our favourite creations below! You might have seen these before somewhere else; however, they were made possible thanks to Henna Sapok!

We hope you enjoy them too!

Henna Sapok’s Journey

He enjoys his journey as an artisan working towards creating beautiful tattoos while giving back to society every chance he gets. It gives him great pleasure to see happy faces whenever someone walks away with something special created especially for them using handcrafted workmanship.

His journey starts from a small step to creating something that he can be proud of. It grew into a passion and then he realized that he could share that passion with others. His biggest reward comes from seeing the look on their face when they receive the finished piece.

His greatest reward though comes not necessarily during the creation process itself (although it certainly feels good), but rather when those same individuals come up to thank him personally afterwards – showing gratitude simply means everything to him! We feel blessed knowing that we’ve helped bring smiles onto each individual face.


That makes my day every day! It is inspiring to learn new things every day, create unique pieces, and make connections & memories along the way. There isn’t anything better than being surrounded by positive energy. Keep spreading joy!

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