Hyatt Centric KK | A Festive Holiday Special Promotion 2022

Holiday Special Promotion


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About Hyatt Centric KK

Hyatt Centric KK is a new luxury hotel that has recently been opened in Kota Kinabalu and the hotel itself is located at the center of the downtown area. The hotel boasts an array of modern facilities and amenities, and its design is truly impressive. It is certainly living up to its design concept, trees, and foliage motifs.

Hyatt Centric

Let us talk about the exterior first.

The hotel is situated in a prime location in the heart of the city, so it is easy to access by foot, bicycle, taxi, and also car. There are numerous shopping malls nearby – Suria and Merdeka Shopping mall, and restaurants close to the hotel. Hyatt Centric really stood out with its architecture.

The building itself is a blend of modern and natural elements, which gives it a very unique appearance. It was a refreshing sight to see. The lobby was well-lit, and there were comfortable seating areas and also a café.

The lobby is decorated with various wood-carved designs and paintings, and there are also unique paintings, sculptures, and ornaments on every floor. It is quite unique to see a hotel with a such heavy emphasis on wood inside.

The furniture and decor is also very contemporary, but it does not feel cold at all. The hotel has a lot of natural light entering, and it feels very warm and welcoming. They’ve incorporated many wooden structures and decor into its interior.

Room and Facilities

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and they come with a large window that provides a great view of the mountain, hills, city, or sea. But be careful when approaching the balcony. The railing is glass and the building is designed very steeply. So, taking a glance down from the edge could leave you feeling dizzy.

The hotel has a gym, infinity pool, sky bar, restaurant, cafe, and bar. You can also enjoy the view of the city from the top floor where they have the sky bar and infinity pool.
There are two types of rooms available – city view, hill view, and the coveted sea view rooms. All the rooms have a separate shower and toilet.

And the most unique feature in the room is not the view, the balcony, or the smart tv. No. It is the adjustable partition separating the toilet/washroom area from the rest of the room. A sliding door separates the washroom area from the rest of the room, and the partitions can be moved to suit the user’s preference.

This makes the room much more usable and convenient.

All the rooms come with a balcony and the railing is all glass. Due to that, standing on the edge really triggers a feeling of vertigo due to the height of the building and the steep angle.

Hyatt Centric KK Room Booking Prices

The rooms are priced at RM 430 per night for the city view room, and you can upgrade for free to get the hill view room which is priced at RM 480. Sea-view rooms are priced at RM 560. This offer is subject to room availability. If you’re driving don’t worry, they offer valet parking.

Sea View Room

Includes Breakfast for 2
RM 560

Hill View Room

Includes Breakfast for 2
RM 480

City View Room

Includes Breakfast for 2
Free Upgrade to Hill View
RM 430

Why Hyatt Centric KK

Free breakfast is provided in the restaurant on the 21st floor.
You can also enjoy the view from the top floor, 22nd floor, where you have access to the infinity pool and sky bar.

If you’re into photography and taking lots of pictures and videos then rest assured, there is plenty of Instagramable spots here!

The food served in the hotel restaurant is delicious and focuses heavily on local cuisine. For instance, if you fancy fish, they serve fried fish with sambal or prawns with cheese. There’s another variety of food too, fried rice, lamb stewed meat, or grilled chicken satay.

For those who love music, there’s also the Live Band every Thursday and Saturday, which means live entertainment after dinner while enjoying a drink in the bar.

The hotel is just a short walk away from the city center, so it is suitable for both leisure and business travelers alike. With its convenient location and luxurious facilities, it is no doubt a place that you would want to stay at!

Because the hotel is located at the heart of the city, it is very accessible by foot, bike, car, and even taxi. If you’re looking for a place to stay while in Kota Kinabalu, then you must stay at Hyatt Centric.

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If you are looking for a room in Hyatt Centric during this festive season 2022 in Sabah.

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