Jesselton Artisan Market: The No.1 Creative Space made for Sabahan

If you are looking to buy local craft and art, then Jesselton Artisan Market is the place to be. The local community gathers here on a regular basis to buy crafts, art, and antiques.

The market is set up in the middle of the town. It is furnished with wooden tables and benches and offers a great view of the busy streets.

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What is Jesselton Artisan Market?

Jesselton Artisan Market (JAM) is a curated showcase of Malaysia’s skilled artisans and their creations based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The market is a great opportunity to get to know the different artisans and their unique creations. This two-day event offers a unique opportunity to see the latest and most innovative pieces from local artisans and to purchase artisan-made products that are often difficult to find outside of Malaysia.


You can find handmade jewellery, home decor, clothing, and so much more. From jewellery to home decor, JAM has something for everyone. If you are in the area and want to check out some amazing local art, make sure to visit the Jesselton Artisan Market!

Although this does mean that you have to fight your way through a mass of crowds, the market is still fairly easy to navigate. There are over 100s vendors selling their wares and when the market opens there is limited of parking, especially during the “Hot” hours at noon onwards.

The organizer of the market, Salt x Paper, has been very proactive in promoting the market. Having established itself in the community, the creative market in Sabah is starting to pick up momentum in recent years.

What can I find in JAM?

The atmosphere is friendly and bustling. There is something for everyone, from the craft enthusiast to the budget traveler. Most of the vendors are based locally and when you buy crafts from one of these traders you are actually supporting local producers.

The traders are very passionate about their craft and will showcase it beautifully. Most will have samples available for us to look at and let you through their creations.

The food vendors are also great. There is a large variety of food available. From local Malay food to international dishes from other countries.

The market has Live Music entertainment. The market has a number of benches where you can sit and relax. 

The market for handcrafted products is becoming increasingly more popular, and the demand for sustainable products is increasing. You can see many artisans trying to bridge the gap with creative problem solving and reusable/ sustainable materials in many of the products in JAM.

What can you expect in Urban Tamu?

The whole point of having a Pop Up Market is to bring people closer to the artsy side of things. You won’t find any mass production brands selling clothes, shoes, bags, wallets, watches, sunglasses, or anything else you might think of. 

Instead, you’ll find individual designers crafting high-quality clothing, accessories, and home decor using natural materials like wood, shells, beads, rattan, leather, bamboo, feathers, and even bones. There are also artists showcasing paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery, and photography. 

These aren’t cheap trinkets either; everything costs between RM10 to RM50 per item depending on its size and material. But hey, isn’t that why we’re coming to check out the tamu anyway? To spend money on good stuff right?

You may be wondering whether it’s really worth spending your hard-earned cash on those expensive wooden bowls made by hand or those designer bracelets crafted from recycled glass. Well, I’m telling you that yes, it definitely is! 

Why? Because most of these crafts are done by skilled individuals who take pride in every single detail of their work. They’ve poured their hearts and souls into creating something special that they hope someone would cherish. 

And believe me, once you hold those creations in your hands, you’d know exactly why they put so much effort into making them happen.

Besides getting quality souvenirs for yourself, please remember to buy gifts for others too!

The best part about this particular market is that you get to meet new friends along the way! After all, nothing beats talking to fellow shoppers while looking at pretty things. 

This is especially true since you wouldn’t run into the same faces twice unless you go every time. That means meeting new people who share the same interests as yours! Who knows? Maybe you could discover your next favorite artist, shop owner, or vendor!


Now let's talk about the food stalls!

You should always try the local cuisine whenever possible because trust me, it’s absolutely delicious! In addition to providing authentic dishes cooked fresh daily. There were even some businesses started their humble beginning from J.A.M.

What about Activities?

Yes, there is plenty of workshop and things to do in the market in recent iteration. The market does an amazing job of organizing activities, talks, and workshops for anyone interested in the local art and crafts. There are shop lots that are set up throughout the market, especially on the 2nd floor.

The market is unique because not only is the market set up around the topic of artisan products, it is also set up around the concept of giving local craftsmen the opportunity to sell their handmade products, and provide educations or anyone willing to learn.


When does JAM start?

JAM is typically a weekend-long event that takes place in The Walk, in Riverson. It starts in the morning at 10:00 a.m and ends at 06:00 p.m. 

Vendors usually starts assembling their stall from early morning till 10:00 a.m and end the day around 5:30 pm when they start packing.

Check out more news about JAM’s date and time blow.


Register as a Vendor

You can simply register as a vendor at

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