Mouth-watering Ramadan Buffet in Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu 2017

Recalling our last experience at Le Meridien Ramadan Buffet, the food doesn’t disappoint. However, this time around, the food was fantastic. It’s so worth the long wait. The ambiance of the restaurant is modern and laid. It was exciting as the festive season has dawn upon us.

What is in the Ramadan Buffet?

Lamb Briyani

Lamb Briyani is a delicious and traditional dish and the chef will make the cut for you in front of you. You will get to enjoy a splendid dish like this with service customized service from a chef in their station.

All the different spices combine with lamb to make a unique flavor. The cost of the Lamb Briyani is reasonable for the quality of the food.

Ramadan cuisine is renowned for it’s flavors. The Lamb Briyani was cooked with plantains, curry leaves, mango pickle, and mint chutney. It was served with low-fat

Chicken, Beef, and Lamb Satay

Ramadan is an important religious holiday and food is a big part of it. There is a wide variety of traditional food displayed during the Le Meridien Ramadan Buffet that it would not be possible to pick just one favorite.

However, one of the best things about the hotel is the delicious wide variety of food they are able offer. The hotel has chicken, beef, and lamb satay which is an excellent choice for tourists.

Street food in Le Meridien

Street-food is often found in quiet or hard to access areas away from tourist areas but carries with it an authentic taste. Finding street food in tourist areas can be difficult. You need to get off the beaten track to find the authentic taste of local delicacies especially during the festive season.

Le Meridien served many of these hard to find assortments of foods and delicacies.

The chicken rice was one of many street foods that tasted authentic and unique. Even though it was served in the hotel’s restaurant, the food tasted fresh and had good flavor.

The natural color of nasi kerabu is a deep, vibrant blue and comes from the natural hue of butterfly-pea flowers. The pigment is found in the butterfly-pea flowers, which are often paired with tons of vegetables and side of protein. Nasi Kerabu are often paired with tons of vegetables and chicken or fish which you can find plenty during the Ramadan Buffet.

Other rice such as the Nasi kukus is a type of steamed rice that is combined with ingredients such as curry, vegetables, and chicken to create a symphony of flavours.

Sup tulang is a Malaysian dish which is considered comfort food. They are filled with flavor and are touted for being filled with nutrients. While they can have a surprising amount of vegetables, they are filled nutritious flavors from boiled bones over a long hours.

Lemang, we could not miss this traditional food during the festival. It’s made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt. They’re then cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves.

Trusty old Gearbox and Various other Spices

Eating cattle bones for soup is a traditional dish in Malaysia that dates back as far as Malays could remember.

Not disappointing, this year the Legendary Gearbox Soup is out again and the soup remains flavorful, sourish, hot and has spices like cinnamon, star anise and other herbs. But what sets sup gearbox apart from other oxtail soup is the spinal fluid of the big bones.

Many different types of oxtail soup but the one that’s a clear winner for many is a soup made by a company called sup gearbox. Their oxtail soup is a pleasurable experience

Le Meridien Stepping up their Game

The Le Meridien hotel is stepping up their food during this festive season. Le Meridien is even bringing in some old favorites which the guest will be unable to resist.

Le Meridien Ramadan Buffet 2017 @ Latest Recipe.
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Ramadan is a holy month in the Muslim faith and it means peace and prosperity for everyone. May this Ramadan bring your the utmost in peace and prosperity.

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