5ive Degrees Celsius

🌨 The rainy and windy weather these few days feels like 5 degree Celsius isn't it? ☃️❄ time for some homemade premium Italian Gelato Ice-cream 🍨 最近都是下雨和大风的季节,感觉温度很像 5 度是不是?是时候来个独特的自制冰淇淋啦!

🍦 Malaysia is a tropical country where our weather is hot for the whole year, this is why we’re inextricable from icy cool dessert. 5 Degree Celsius features gelato ice-cream with various kind of flavour that beyond our expectation! In here, you can even customize your own ice-cream bar with your favourite toppings and chocolate coatings! Besides selling gelato ice-cream, you can find other food from them too, such as pizzas, waffles and beverages. Must give it a try if you have not!

🍦马来西亚是一个热带国家,全年天气炎热,这就是为什么我们对冰冷的甜点毫无抗拒。【5 Degree Celsius】拥有各种口味的冰淇淋,味道更超出我们的想象!在这里,你可以选择自己喜欢配料的和巧克力外层来定制自己的冰淇淋!除了售卖冰淇淋以外,你还可以这里找到披萨,华夫饼,饮料等等。值得尝试!

🍦 5ivedegreescelsius
🍦 Latitude 6, Jalan Lintas, Taman Bunga Raja
(Phase 3 & 4)
🍦 12PM-11PM (Closed on Monday)
🍦 012-516 2525
🙅🏻‍♀️ Serve no pork 🙅🏻‍♂️

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