Cafe Thirty7

Look out for this new cafe in Bandaran Berjaya! 🎃

🎃 Halloween is approaching! Where and how will you be celebrating? Look out for this new cafe!
🎃 First of all, they are having a 10% discount on selected items during lunchtime. 🎃 Also, they are having a promotion on their BIG PLATE CHALLENGES for RM39.90 (normal price RM49.90) on Halloween Day, 31st October 2018. What challenge? Get a group of 3 people to join, and the fastest to finish their BIG PLATE will win a RM100 worth of voucher. Just call to join (first 5 teams only – first come first serve).
🎃 That’s not all! For those who love “cosplay”, it’s your best chance! Suit up – dine in (7 pm onwards) – snap & tag “Cafe Thirty7” and stand a chance to win another RM100 Voucher (with the most shares & likes)! Create more exciting memories with #seatsmy #cafethirty7🎃 🎃 🎃

Together we conquer yummy food in Sabah!

🎃万圣节即将来临了!你们会在哪里/怎样庆祝呢?来【Cafe Thirty7】探索吧!首先,在午餐时间点他们挑选的菜单就能享用 10% 的折扣哦!🎃 接着,他们在 31/10/2018 有个优惠挑战活动,那就是 BIG PLATES CHALLENGE,只需 RM39.90 (原价 RM49.90)就能享用。那是个怎样的挑战呢?需要3个人成一组加入,最快吃完他们的 BIG PLATE 就能赢取价值 RM100 的优惠券。只需要打电话加入(仅限5队 – 先到先得)。那还不是全部哦!🎃喜欢 Cosplay 的你,这是你最好的机会!打扮成你喜欢的角色到这里来用餐(晚上7点开始) – 拍照并标记 Cafe Thirty7,就有机会赢取另一张 RM100 优惠券(最多赞 & 留言的才算哦)!与 #cafethirty7 创造更多精彩的回忆。和我们一起征服沙巴的美食吧,支持我们!🎃 🎃 🎃

🍔 Cafe Thirty7
🍝 Near King Park Hotel
🙅🏻‍♀ Serve No Pork 🙅🏻‍♂

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