Chin Su Fook Noodle & Porridge

Lunch? Have it with Chin Su Fook Noodles & Porridge lah! They are famous for their chicken & pork chop.

Malaysian’s top asked questions: What should I eat during lunch time?Consider this place! Chin Su Fook Noodle & Porridge is famous for their chops with noodle! It is often packed with people during lunch hours. Their chicken chop with Kon Lo Mee is always our first choice when visiting them 😋 you can choose their fried rice too. So crispy and appetizing!

马来西亚最常问的问题:午餐要吃什么?快来这里吧! 【Chin Su Fook Noodle & Porridge】以他们的扒和干捞面而闻名!午餐时间经常满人。每次光顾这里一定要点他们的鸡扒干捞面。你也可以选择他们的炒饭。超级香脆可口!

🍜 Chin Su Fook Noodle & Porridge
🍜 Penampang Servay area, same row with AA Stationary
🍜 Better to go before 4PM as their noodles will be sold out
🍜 Google Map 👉🏼

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