Chiu’s – The Modern Local

A humble little eatery located at 88 Market Place that is pork and alcohol free.

Chiu’s – The Modern Local is a restaurant that features comfort food and specialty coffee from Western-Asian cuisine and they do get a lot of good feedbacks when it comes to their dishes. Not only a cozy environment located at Marketplace 88, but they also serve a very wide selection of specialty dishes including our daily meals and desserts! 🍰 Food is surprisingly superb tasty, especially their signature dish – Beef Rice Bowl with tuhau serunding, definitely a tuhau lover’s favourite! A good restaurant alternative to hang out with your friends and family.

【Chiu’s】是一家提供西式与亚洲式的美食和独特的咖啡,他们的菜肴可是获得了很多众人称赞。他们不仅有个位于 88 Marketplace 的舒适室内环境,而且还提供各种特色美食,包括我们的日常餐食和甜点!🍰 Chiu’s 的食物非常美味,特别是他们的招牌菜肴 – 带有Tuhau Serunding 的 Beef Rice Bowl,绝对是 tuhau 爱好者的最爱!是一个可以和朋友们以及家人聚会的首选餐厅。

🍝 Chiu’s – The Modern Local
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