Joox Cafe

🍃Newly opened Cafe in town!! Introducing JOOX Cafe just in Plaza 333!!!

🍃Newly opened Cafe in town!! Introducing JOOX Cafe!!! – sister to Haijoox CowDung Tart but serves more than just desserts! Main dishes are finally available to give us a wide selection of meals. So, there is no need to worry about breakfast, lunch and dinner anymore as they also serve main dishes such as pasta and pizza. 🤤 You can find lots of special desserts in Joox Café (that are not found in Haijoox CowDung Tart), and there are cheese drinks too! 🧀 & we fell in love with their interior!! 🤳🏼

🍃有新的咖啡厅开张啦!隆重介绍 【Joox Cafe】— 他们是 Haijoox CowDung Tart 的分行,不过菜单加了很多美食!有很多主食选择哦,所以不用担心早餐、午餐、还是晚餐要吃什么了!因为在 Joox Cafe 你也可以吃到意大利面还有披萨。🤤 此外,他们也提供更多的甜品(都是在 Haijoox CowDung Tart 找不到的),而且他们还有起司饮料呢!🧀 喜欢打卡的朋友们也可以来这里哦,他们店里的摆设超级美!🤳🏼

🍃 Joox Cafe
🍃 Signature CowDung Tart RM5-RM6
☕️ Matcha Latte RM10
🍝 Carbonaralicious with 24hr Braised Lamb RM26
🍕 Oppa Pizza RM23
🍃 For more details check out our blogposts!

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