The Three By LFJ

Their tag line “Infusion contemporary cuisine”, matches exactly how their meals are served- not only the looks but the great taste as well!

Searching for a new fine dining place to wine and dine? Check this out, they just had their opening yesterday (08.11.18)! Even their Mocha Latte taste so thick and rich! Perfect place to go on romantic dinner dates or for any special celebrations 😍

在寻找新的美食?快看这个,他们昨天(08.11.18)刚开幕!他们的理念是 “带入现代美食”,不仅与外观相匹配,而且口感极佳!他们的摩卡拿铁味道超级厚实和丰富!这里非常适合与你的他一起庆祝节日 😍

☕️ The Three By LFJ
🍗 Non-Halal
🗺 Google Map 👉🏼

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