Top Singer Pancake 歌王香脆夹饼

A must eat snack when going to Lido Night Market! Top Singer Pancake has more than 20 years of experience, they were first founded in Foh Sang and then Damai, but have moved to Lido since 2012. Their hot sale snack is Normal Pancake (often called as “Kap Piang”) that has peanut and butter inside. But in case you don’t like peanut, they also provide selection for their Kap Piang! You can even add an egg in it!

来到丽都夜市必吃的小吃! 【歌王香脆夹饼】拥有超过 20 年的历史,他们是在和生园开始营业之后搬到 哒迈,2012 才到丽都夜市继续营业。他们的热门小吃是普通夹饼(通常被称为 Kap Piang),里面有花生和牛油。如果你不喜欢花生也没关系,他们的夹饼有得选择的!还可以在夹饼里加个蛋呢!

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