Yen’s Gourmet

Yen's homemade cookies & cakes are fresh & wholesome with zero preservatives & artificial flavour. Most importantly without compromising on taste!

When talk about Yen’s Gourmet, all you can think about is their delicious cakes! If you are a fan of dirty bun, you will definitely love Yen’s Signature dirtiness delicious Dirty Cake! 😍 Layers of fluffiness, topped with thick cocoa powder, and more chocolate goodness inside. 🍫 Have a cup of coffee paired with Yen’s Gourmet pastries at Dock In, what a wonderful tea break! ☕️ (p/s: only certain cakes are availble in Dock In Hostel, other or bigger cakes have to order from Yen’s Gourmet.)

提到 【Yen’s Gourmet】时,第一个想到的就是他们美味的蛋糕!如果你是脏脏包的铁粉,那你一定不能错过 Yen’s 的招牌脏脏蛋糕!😍 每一层都那么蓬松,搭配上可可粉,里面还有更多的巧克力酱。🍫 在 Dock In 享用一杯咖啡,搭配上 Yen’s Gourmet 的糕点,真是个完美的下午茶!☕️ (p/s: 只有一些蛋糕能在 Dock In Hostel 找到,其他或者更大的蛋糕需要和 Yen’s Gourmet 预订哦)

🍪 Dock In Hostel – Kota Kinabalu, House 35, Jalan Setesen, Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru
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🙅🏻‍♀️Serve no pork🙅🏻‍♂️

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