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Joox Café Delicious Dessert Café in Town 2018

Joox Café, yeap it’s a café, not the app you used to listen to music. Joox Café are sister to Haijoox CowDung Tart but it serves more than just desserts! Their main dishes are finally available to give us a wide selection of meals.  So, there is no need to worry about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anymore because you can have all three meals there! You can find a variety of special desserts at Joox Café that is not available in Haijoox CowDung Tart, and there are cheese beverages too!

Firstly, highlighting cow-dung tarts (some say it looks like cow-dung and some say it looks like UFO tarts) that have been everyone’s favorite since Haijoox CowDung Tart!

When most people think of dessert, they imagine something warm, sweet and delicious. This is not the case in Malaysia. There is an overwhelming amount of people out there who associate dessert with ice cream and chocolate. In Malaysia, Dessert is defined as “Anything that you eat after a meal.”

Is this fair?

Well, no. Dessert is what I would call a natural finisher. After a meal, you have already had a range of different foods from a range of different dishes. Dessert is something that you take pleasure in, it is not something that should not be missed.

Why Dessert?

Well, I think that the reason we have such a narrow definition of dessert is that dessert is a celebratory thing. It is something that is eaten after an event has concluded. It is something that you look forward to when dining out. In Malaysia, there are many events and occasions where desserts are eaten. Some events are more religious in nature, but other events can be held for a variety of reasons.

What are the advantages of dessert?

In Malaysia, there are many kinds of desserts. Some are based, naturally, on fruit. The fruit that is most commonly used in desserts is, of course, grapes. Other fruits that are often used are oranges and bananas.

Other desserts that are very popular in Malaysia are cookies, cakes, muffins and pastries.

About Joox Café

Joox Café is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is a new dessert café that opened last July. It is located along Smith Street, just off Gayowna Street, one of the main roads which runs through the area.

The café is bright and modern. It has a modern feel with wooden tables and chairs, yellow and white walls and a lot of bright colors. It is set up as a boutique-style café.

The café is on the ground floor of a modern building. It is opened throughout the day. There is seating outside as well as some seating inside.

There are 2 different zones in the café. The first is the dining area. This is the main area of the café. It is equipped with large wooden tables and high stools. There are tables that seat 2 people as well as tables that seat 4 people.

The second zone is the children area. This is a smaller zone where you can let your kid roam and play at the designated playground.

About The Menu

The café offers a few different varieties of desserts, including cupcakes, cakes, muffins and pastries. The cupcakes and cakes are both made to the owners’ own recipe.

The cupcakes are light, fluffy and moist. There are different flavors available. Some of my favorites are the vanilla cupcake and the chocolate cupcake.

The cakes are cake based. They are light, fluffy and moist. They range from light to heavy. The anzac cake is my favorite. It is a heavy cake with different size pieces of apricot, coconut and poppyseeds. The anzac cake is made with dried apricot.

The muffins are lightly sweetened. They are fruity muffins. The blueberry muffin is my favorite.

The pastries are flaky pastries. They are sweet and savory pastries. The savory pastry is the croissant.

The Café

The ambience of the café is bright and modern. It is set up as a pretty small café but that can just be a good thing. The décor is wooden, dark and modern. The walls are white with wooden beams. There are little wooden ladders against the wall. Green plants line the walls. The tables are wooden and equipped with high stools.

Where is Joox Cafe Located?

Joox Café is located at Lot 68, Plaza 333, right next to Vino Vino. We have been waiting for their launch and now they are finally on soft opening! The owner of Joox Cafe, Ms. Dolly said, “The “red cloth” is still there as they still need more time for their employees to be trained, so they can provide the best service when it is finally officially launched to the public. So, expecting around December for the official opening.” So stay tuned!

Joox Cafe

We are absolutely impressed with their interior design, it’s simple yet clean! They adopted the green theme- from their walls and ceilings to even their pillows! Definitely insta-worthy and you know what they say, green is good for the eyes.  So for anyone who wants to take Instagram photos, be sure to check yourself in here, totally insta worthy!

Even though they are on their Soft Opening, their standard & quality of food are at the tip top!

Joox Cafe Cow Dung

Remember to try their Cheese Drinks! Available in Joox Café too!

Or for non-cheese drinks lover try out their Coffee or Tea & Milk series!

It’s our honour to be invited by Joox Café’s owner for the food review. Definitely will visit again for their meals & desserts!

Another new cafe is:

Operating hours: 11AM-11PM, Closed on Monday (Currently on soft opening)
Price Range (Food, Dessert, Drinks): RM3-RM58
Address: Lot 68, Plaza 333, Kobusak Commercial Centre Kota Kinabalu (next to Vino Vino)
Google Maps – Joox Cafe’s Location link:
Contact: 016-509 2269
❤ – Fully recommended by

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