Poke Bowls in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! Gotta EAT ’em ALL! PokeBóru – In a Bowl – Super Ono

What exactly is Poké Bowls?

How to eat?! Poké is pronounced as “poh-kay’ or ‘poh-keh”, NOT “poh-kee”.  Poké means “to slice or cut” in Hawaiian.  It also refers to chunks of raw, marinated fish (usually raw tuna), which is then tossed over rice and topped with fresh vegetables and umami-packed sauces. In Hawaii, you can buy all kinds of Poké at the local grocery store either buy it by the pound or have it thrown in a bowl over rice.

Poké Bowls is growing wild in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah! Within 1 year, we’ve seen 3 Poké Bowls starting from 2nd February 2018 until lately. Now here are the LATEST Poké Bowls you could finally experience with your taste buds!

For all of you who maybe slightly stuck for ideas for what to do on an evening out. This one is for you. Super Ono Pokebowl. This is Something that I have actually tried to get my husband to eat. Of course, I am slightly biased but, I have to be honest, this is not something he has ever really tried before.

1. SuperOno: (official opening on 11th November 2018)

PokeBowl Superono

What is Poke?

Poke is a raw fish dish. It is very popular in Hawaii and has become increasingly popular around the world. The fish is usually sliced thin and the bones left intact. The fish is usually served in a little bowl and mixed with rice. The rice is then usually mixed with soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce and lemon juice.

What is Ono?

Ono is the term used for a Hawaiian seabass. This fish is very soft and is very fleshy. It is species of fish which is very popular on the Hawaiian islands.

Their hospitality, very honest and friendly. The food are served really fresh & GENEROUS portion too! Especially our fav, SALMON!! The interior and environment made us feels so relaxing too! Even though the owner says the interior is “not fully done” yet, we already fell in love with it! So Hawaii feel

10AM-10PM, Daily (Currently on soft opening)

Price Range: Rm16.90

Address: Lot 7, 1st Floor, Block A, Plaza 333, Lorong Plaza 333-1, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu

Location: Click here

Email: [email protected]


19th May 2018 for Soft Launch

2. In a Bowl

Poke Bowl In a Bowl

Operating hours: 11AM-9PM, Daily (Currently on soft opening)
Price Range (Food, Dessert): from RM12.90 
Address: (Serving at Biru Biru Cafe) 24 Jalan Dewan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.
In A Bowl’s Location link:
Contact: +6 012-272 7116
E-mail: [email protected]
“❤” means Fully recommended by

2. PokeBóru

Poke Bowl Pokeboru

Their incredible interior just bring back “the good-old-times” memories. Highlighting their Smoothie Bowl just satisfy our fresh fruits cravings! Feeling really healthy every time, after we dine here.

Born on: 2nd February 2018 (Pops out only in Jesselton Artisan Market , catch ’em from their updates on Facebook or Instagram account)

What We Love:  They served not just quantity but quality! 
Operating hours:
Pops out only in Jesselton Artisan Market (Catch ’em from their updates on Facebook or Instagram account)
Price Range (Food, Dessert): from RM15 
Contact: +60 17-818 7600

“❤” means fully recommend by .

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Our Experience

Let’s imagine for a minute, you are eating seafood at a restaurant. You are seated at a table, some of her friends are also eating seafood. Everyone is having fish, you are eating fish. You smell food. You look through a menu. The waiter comes over and says “It’s your turn to talk. What do you want?”

You stare at them. You look at your friends. You look at the menu. You look around the restaurant. You blink. Your mouth goes dry. You speak. You order.

Oh…you order poke.

What is Poke?

Poke is a dish which originated from Hawaii. It is a combination of fish, rice, and seasonings. The whole thing is marinated and served in a bucket.

Poke bowls are a version of this. They are served in that bucket and that is exactly what you get.

Different Types of Poke

There are many different types of poke. The most common kind of poke is ahi poke. That is tuna poke. The fish is usually cut into cubes and then marinated. Other kinds of fish which are also used are salmon, seabass, andmackerel.

Other kinds of poke include other meats like chicken, lamb, beef, and pork. However, typically the fish which is used is tuna.

Health Benefits of Poke

Poke bowls are a great source of protein. Protein is important to help the body repair muscles. It is also important for keeping you skinny.

It is also great for the health in terms of weight. It tends to have lots of vegetables in it which help with weight loss.

There are many other benefits of poke. The salmon used is usually wild caught and is packed with omega-3.

The rice that is used for poke is a type of short grain rice which is kind of processed. It is filled with protein and is great when mixed with the fish.

The seasonings that are used are spices and seasonings. They are usually chili peppers, garlic, ginger, and lemon juice.

The Poke Bowl

Now we come to the heart of this meal. The poke bowl.

This is a dish which is made in front of you. You pick your fish, your rice, your seasoning, and your sauce. The rice is usually slightly or completely raw. The fish is served in a raw form. The seasoning is mixed into the rice. The sauce is usually a sauce made out of tobiko, a dried fish product.

The bowl is then filled with the cap of the dish. You mix them all together. The fish and the seasoning will absorb into the rice. The sauce will coat the rice.

The bowl is then served. The fish will start to melt into the rice. The sauce will coat the rice. The taste of the marinade and the sauce mixed together is exquisite.

The meal is very filling. It is calorie dense. If you are trying to lose weight then this is a great meal. The fish is very lean. The rice is filling. The seasoning is spicy. The sauce is sour.

The bowl is very filling. You need a couple of utensils to eat it. A fork and a knife. You eat by picking up rice with the fork and putting it into your mouth. You pick up the fish with the knife and put it into your mouth. You mix the rice and the fish together. You eat.

It is not often that a restaurant is able to please me with my food. However, Live On Fourth in Hyde Park Brisbane has succeeded in doing so. The poke bowl that I ate was to die for.

I had tried poke before. It was at a sushi joint. It had a very different taste. The rice was cooked. The fish was cooked. The seasoning was spicy. The sauce was spicy.

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