Sabahan & Tourist Oasis

Sabahan and veteran tourist, you can in all our travel recommendation, destinations, food guides, any any information, or promotions that may be happening on in Sabah or even the Borneo Island.

For the Local

As Sabahans, we know your struggle when travelling domestically. Our goal is to connect you to business that will make your life easier and more comfortable.

We also know that most of you are foodies at heart. You talk about the next meal while eating, and you can’t stop talking about food, and where to eat on your free time.

If that’s you check out our page for Foodies.

You can find 99% of my stuff on the internet for free in various forms. But for a more structured, detailed approach, you might like to check out my online course

For the Veteran Tourist

So you’ve been travelling in and out of Malaysia, and you’ve been to Sabah a few times? You might’ve even travelled to more secluded and interior destination than the locals, the Sabahans?

I’m sure you’ll find useful, updated information of what’s going on in the local travel, and food scenes.

Check out our Itinerary while planning your next trip. Maybe you can even adopt our travel itinerary into your next travel into Sabah.

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