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It has been a long journey from to enjoy Sandakan food. But finally, we’ve made it. It is like we’ve gone through the journey to heaven and come back with a bucket of good food and good memories.

Lean more about Sandakan?

When we finally made it to Sandakan, we knew we had to make the most of our stay. Since we had arrived, we’ve been doing everything to make the most of our short stay here.

Of course, the food is also one of the most important parts of our experience here. After researching and asking many locals for recommendations, we got an idea of what we should try and where to go when we’re in Sandakan for their famous Sandakan Foods. We got introduced to many places that were not only famous but also unique and unique in their own way.

So before we left for Sandakan Food, we asked a lot of locals to introduce us to their favorite places and tell us what to try when we get there. The food you’ll see here are the top 15 places you MUST TRY when you’re hunting for Sandakan Foods!

What is our Top Sandakan Food?

Pasar Kim Fung

Address: Kim Fung Town, Mile 4 , JalanNorth

When you enter Pasar Kim Fung, you are greeted by an overwhelming scent of freshly cooked, mouth-watering local food. They have anything from Noodle dishes to Cute Handmade Pao. This is the best place to have a feast for Sandakan Foods. Pasar Kim Fung has been around for many years and will never let you down.

A place where you can get your food all day! Pasar Kim Fun has a lot of food options to choose from and you can just come and enjoy yourself the entire day. They have 3-5 batches of stalls that rotate and start preparing their food as early as 4-5am.

Some of the most popular Malaysian dishes can be found here, from roti canai, mee siam, egg noodles, bak kut teh, char kway teow, nasi lemak, and more. You can find so many different foods from all over the world here and if you’re not a picky eater, you’ll have a hard time choosing what to eat.

Sim Sim Bridge (Water Village) – No 88 seafood & No 84 dumplings

Address: Lorong H, Jalan Sim-Sim
Hours: Mon – Sun 7:30AM–9:30PM
Phone: 010-399 2322

Today, I want to introduce you to the famous Sim Sim Bridge. In addition to seafood, there are also many types of dumplings to try. In particular, No 88 seafood is famous for its wide variety of seafood and dumplings, especially those from Fujian Province.


Sim Sim Bridge is located in the northeastern part of Sandakan Food haven, which is about a 30-minute drive from the city center and it has many people living and spending their weekends here.

Sim Sim Bridge is a water village, which has been constructed over one century of history. This kind of village is made of wooden houses that are built on the seashore. If you are wondering what makes this water village special, you can simply refer to its name. Sim Sim Bridge is a place where people come and enjoy the place and spend their time with their family and friends in a happy and comfortable atmosphere for a special dinner.

When you are craving for seafood, Seafood Sim Sim 88 is the perfect choice for you. The restaurant has been operating for more than 20 years.

Every visit to hunt for Sandakan Food is always a culinary delight. In this blog, I am going to tell you the Sandakan Food which will definitely make your visit a memorable one. The very first thing you should have for your dinner is the spring noodle which is considered as the most iconic Sandakan Food. The century egg dumpling which is a must try, is also one of the most iconic Sandakan Food.

Nam Chai Bak Kut Teh

Address: Ground Floor, Blok D, Jalan Leila, Bandar Nam Tung, 90000, Sandakan, Sabah, 90000
Hours: Tues – Sun 10AM–2PM, 6–10PM
Phone: 089-612 603

When I was hunting for Sandakan Food, I stumbled upon this tiny little shop that served the most amazing bak kut teh broth. They used just black pepper to flavor their broth, not using any MSG or sugar. The broth was superb without being too salty or being overpowering with the taste of black pepper. If you have never tried bak kut teh before, this is the perfect place to start!

Good Taste Bah Kut Teh

Address: Lorong Bandar Nam Tung 2, Pusat Bandar Sandakan, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah
Hours: Mon – Sun 8AM–2PM, 6–9PM
Phone: 089-615 899

Bak Kut Teh is a dish that I can never get enough of. It’s a dish that is satisfying and really delicious, unlike any other. I know that a lot of people think it’s unhealthy, but to me, it tastes delicious and is a really nice change from the western cuisine that I’m so used to. Here you can find Bak Kut Teh with seafood ingredients also including pork rib meat, herbs, spices, soy sauce, chicken stock, prawns, fish balls, fish cakes, tofu, beansprouts, and lard.

Kedai Makan Kong Teck

Do you want to try some delicious and authentic seafood noodles? If so, Kedai Makan Kong Teck is the perfect place for you. For people who love to eat their favorite seafood, this is a must-try place. This restaurant is known for its specialties of serving NOODLES made of FISH MEAT and their broth! Their NOODLES are made with fine herbs and spices.

My first time at Kedai Makan Kong Teck was one of the best food experiences I’ve had. This restaurant only operates in the morning, so I was prepared to wait. It was worth it! The Tom Yam soup was amazing, the broth is the best broth I’ve ever had, and the fish meat was so tasty. The noodles were freshly made every day too, so it made it so fresh.

They only operate in the morning so be sure to go early if you want to try this delicious restaurant!

Ever since we discovered this restaurant and the delicious food, we haven’t stopped coming back. The boss was so friendly and outgoing, we just loves his style! His food is well-prepared and the servings are huge.

Tac De Cafe – UFO Tart

A new cafe on the block, Tac De Cafe, offers some delightful sweet and savory treats for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s also a beautiful place to enjoy some coffee, tea, or dessert with friends. Tac De Cafe’s unique offerings are sure to make you want to go back for more!

There is no doubt that the breakfast meal is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast should be healthy, filling, and it should give you energy to tackle the rest of your day. Some people go to the convenience store and grab a box of cereal and some milk and hope for the best. But there are so many other breakfast options that can be made at home and you can control what goes into them.

Tac De Cafe is a perfect place to come and grab a quick and healthy breakfast. Their UFO Tart is to die for. It is a perfectly shaped cake with a layer of whipped cream and an eggy filling in the middle. If you like sweets, you will not be disappointed with this tasty dessert in your hunt for Sandakan Foods.

Kedai Yap Syn Kee

Kedai Yap Syn Kee is a famous bakery in Sandakan that has been in the market for many years. They are famous for their homemade grass jelly that is created using only natural ingredients. We personally fell in love by the refreshing taste of their homemade leong fun/cincau especially during the scorching hot weather!

Leng fun is one of the most common dishes served in Malaysia. Made with coconut milk, glutinous rice flour, tapioca flour, coconut cream, sugar, water and pandan leaves, it is always served warm during festivities such as Chinese New Year. The filling is typically made with tapioca flour, water and sugar to give it a smooth texture. It is then boiled to give it a translucent colour.

A lot of people might not know that Kedai Yap Syn Kee actually sells yummy cake too! We’re so blessed to be able to taste some of their cakes for free! We all know that their cakes are really delicious and these Kedai Yap Syn Kee cakes are so fluffy and tasty! We always want to come back and taste the other flavors because their cakes are so yummy.

Kedai Kopi Hiung Sang 

I am sure you have heard of the delicious egg dumplings in when searching for Sandakan Foods, famous for its century egg dumplings. It is a great thing to try when you visit Sandakan, but what I found out after trying it was it is even better to make your own at home. The taste is outstanding and the process is not complicated at all. You will never regret making your own egg dumplings because they are also very easy to make.

If you are in Sandakan, you must try the LEGENDARY Century Egg Dumpling. It is famous and has been enjoyed by locals for many years. In fact, it is so famous that it has been described as a Malaysian dish.

Tanah Merah Water Village

Noodles are not a food that I’ve eaten that often. This was my first time trying this one. If you want to try it, I’d say go for it!

One of the best things that happened to me when I first came to Sandakan for their famous Sandakan Foods was to try out Tanah Merah Noodle. This restaurant is just a few minutes’ walk from my workplace and my first impression was just how different the noodles were from the ones we usually tasted. This must be the most sought-after food among the locals because it has been operating for more than many years now.

One of the best eateries in the town, Tanah Merah Water Village is a must-try for those who love Asian food. But aside from the many well-known dishes, it also offers their noodle dishes which has become their signature dish. Aside from its homey feel, the noodles have a very springy and chewy texture that many don’t know about.

Balin Roof Top Bar & Restaurant

Balin Roof Top Bar & Restaurant is one of the best places to visit when you’re in Sandakan. With a 360-degree view of the city, it’s also a great place to enjoy a cold drink or even a cup of coffee with friends. With its bright yellow and blue colour scheme, Balin is sure to bring a smile to your face. The restaurant also has a casual dining atmosphere and offers free Wi-Fi, making it the perfect place to unwind.

When you feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to Balin. A great place to chill, relax, and unwind. The view from their rooftop bar is unbeatable and the drinks are to die for. From drinks and dinner to just drinks, the rooftop bar has it all. They have live entertainment that is free to watch and a place where you can unwind.

It offers fantastic views of the waterfront and beyond. On the rooftop, guests can enjoy all-day dining and drinks while watching the world go by. This area has a private outdoor area that is great for outdoor events and parties.

Sandakan Foods you can find in Kota Kinabalu:

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