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Thai Tea Lovers: ChaTraMue Beautiful Thai Tea Since Year 1945 OPENING FIRST OUTLET in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on November 2018!

🚨Everyone has been waiting for this! Chatramue Kota Kinabalu Sabah Original Thailand Tea that has been around since year 1945!!! First outlet is finally having its SOFT OPENING TOMORROW (17.11.2018)!!!

ChaTraMue’s Opening

What’s more?! During their Grand Opening on 25th November 2018, Happy Polla & AdamShamil will be their special guests and Cha Tra Mue will be having a promotion of BUY 1 FREE 1 (first 300 cups ONLY!).

ChaTraMue's Cafe in Kota Kinabalu - Opening

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Thai tea has been popular for years. Most people know of Thai tea and associate it with the brown colour of the tea. The green tea is what is popularly known of. There is however far more to Thai tea and the culture surrounding it.

What is Thai Tea and ChaTraMue?

Thai tea is a drink which is made from tea leaves which have been fermented. The tropical climate of Thailand is ideal for the growth of tea leaves and Thailand has for centuries been growing these leaves.

This tea is worlds apart from any tea that you might be accustomed to consuming. The tea smells of sweet berries and is very rich in flavour. It is served very hot and in a small teacup which contains approximately 3 grams of tea leaves. The tea is brewed several times before it is served and each time the tea is filtered and then infused with other flavors such as honey and lemon.

The origins

Thai tea is thought to have originated in Thailand over 1,000 years ago. The tea leaves are picked and crushed and then mixed with water. The leaves are then left to ferment and this process takes 3 weeks. The tea is then served and is usually served after a a meal.

The culture

Thai people are very proud of their heritage and They love to share that heritage with others. Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism. The culture is known for its hospitality, tolerance and friendliness.

Because of Thai people’s Buddhist heritage, a lot of Thai people are Buddhist themselves. This characteristic is reflected in the way that Thai people regard each other. Thai people are very hospitable and will always make you feel welcome.

Thai people are very welcoming to tourists and you will find a lot of Thai people willing to help me with any task that I need. The people are very friendly and are always happy to please.

The Thai people are very proud of their culture and traditions. Thai people take great pride in their homes and their surroundings. Both Thai culture and Thai architecture can be seen everywhere.

The Thai culture is centric around Buddhism. You will see this reflected in the way that the people dress. Buddhism is the predominant religion in Thailand and Thai people dress in clothes that are divided in three parts. The first part is shorts and a tank top. The second part is a long dress. The third part is the head scarf.

You will see people wearing traditional Thai dress in tourist areas. This dress is very colorful and ornate. You will see a lot of orange, red and green colors.

The Thai tea of ChaTraMue

If you travel to Thailand you will see a lot of shops selling Thai tea. You will see the Thai people drinking the tea out of small glasses. You will also see many people drinking the tea out of large bowls.

As far as tea goes, the Thai tea is among the best that you will ever taste. The tea is brewed using an amber coloured tea that is made from fermented tea leaves. The tea is very strong in flavour and if you like strong flavours then you will love this tea.

The tea is brewed in very hot water and served in small teacups. The tea is infused with lemon, honey and ice. The tea ishighly rated by tourists and is quite expensive.

The tea is quite expensive to buy. A pack of 10 Thai tea tea bags costs around 80 cents and a packet of 10 Thai tea cups costs around 20 cents.

Thai people are very proud of their heritage and they love to share this with others. The tea is very expensive and is very unique to Thailand. If you are a fan of exotic flavours and you like strong flavours then you will love the taste of this tea.

🚨 大家期待已久的事情! @chatramue_kk_sabah 创建于1945年的正宗泰国茶的试营业期将会是在明天!更重要的是!在他们正式开张 (25/11/18) 的时候 Happy Polla 和 Adam Shamil 将是他们的特别嘉宾,而且 Cha Tra Mue 会有买一送一的优惠 (仅限前300杯!) 你还在等什么? 快让喜欢泰国茶的朋友们知道!

🍦 Chatramue Kota Kinabalu Sabah
🥤 Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (1st outlet)
🍦 Soft Opening: 17.11.2018
🥤 Grand Opening: 25.11.2018
🍦 10am – 9:30pm DAILY
🥤 IMAGO Shopping Mall (2nd outlet – Stay tuned)
🙅🏻‍♀ serve no pork 🙅🏻‍♂

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