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The Babs Korean Restaurant A Romantic BBQ Dining

My experience on local food such as The Babs Korean Restaurant was quite unique. To begin with, it is attached to the Likas Driving Range. There is perhaps a few other establishments in total and they are all located in this one building. The owner of this restaurant is Korean. This means that the food was not only delicious but that it had a true Korean feel to it.

If you live in Likas area of Kota Kinabalu, you may often find yourself wondering what to do in the evening. Granted, there is quite a few restaurants in the area but it is always nice to find somewhere new, some place that something a little different. Well, after spending a night at The Babs Korean Restaurant, I can definitely say that I have found this place.

The Babs Korean Restaurant A Romantic BBQ Dining

My Experience

The Babs Korean Restaurant is a small, unassuming shop that may appear to be closed and forgotten on weekdays. However, the reality is that it is busy all the time. When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly and helpful member of staff. We were taken upstairs to the outdoor floor where the restaurant is located.

We were seated at a table that was directly facing the golf course. It was a nice little setup. There were a number of tables set up with different types of chairs and some even had coffee tables in front of them. Each table had a menu and a selection of napkins.

The staff appeared to be quite busy at the moment. There were a number of staff working in the kitchen, some cleaning up, some serving. The atmosphere at The Babs Korean Restaurant was, in places, a little chaotic. This is not a bad thing though. The food was great. The atmosphere was energetic and the atmosphere was a mix of those people who were Korean and those who had come from different cultures and countries.

The staff were friendly. They were polite and they appeared to try and do the best they could. There was an air of “I’m not sure how we are going to do it” but I am sure that this was because the staff were trying to keep everyone involved.

Why you should visit The Babs Korean Restaurant?

There is more to visiting a country than being able to experience the culture firsthand. Often, tourists will choose to travel with a glimpse at the country rather than going for the immersion experience.

With more and more tourists choosing South East Asia as their destination, why not give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture by sampling some of the local cuisine.

Korean food has become extremely popular in recent years, not only because of its taste but also because of its bright colours and contrast with the white majority.

The Korean BBQ or also known as Sukkujebi is a type of barbecue which involves grilling meat and vegetables on metal skewers. It is a popular food in Korea.

But what is it?

Korean BBQ is food prepared on a barbecue grill but with different vegetables added. The meat is usually marinated in marinades such as doenjang, soy sauce, and honey. The cooking is done on a mix of coals and wood. This process often produces great aroma and flavors of the meat.

The menu at a Korean BBQ restaurant will usually have lots of different dishes. The grill will be filled with different types of meat, usually beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. Vegetables will be grilled and eaten with the meat.

Koreans enjoy grilling their food on the BBQ. The flavor of the meats is brought out by the different marinades and vegetables are cooked to perfection.

The concept of the Korean BBQ is pretty simple. The meat and vegetables are put on skewers which are then placed on the grill. The meat and vegetables are marinated with marinades before being grilled.

What about the food?

The food was served quickly. Each of our courses arrived in its own little pot with a separate sauce. The rice was cooked to perfection and the BBQ was delicious, very well marinated. I am telling you, this food is delicious.

The Babs Korean Restaurant was a lovely place to eat. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was lively as well as romantic. If I lived in the area, I would keep coming back during the weekends or the weekdays even for some peace of quite. You can hear some people swinging and hitting their gold clubs but it is also fun to watch. It is one of those restaurants where you go and eat good food, have a few drinks and relax.

Service was friendly, staff were helpful and the atmosphere was fun. We will definitely return.


Korean BBQ is fast becoming a popular food. The flavor of the meat and vegetables is brought out by the different marinades. The marinades and sauces are used to add flavor to the meat and vegetables. The marinades and sauces add a lot of flavor to the meat and vegetables. The meat and vegetables are grilled to perfection.

Korean BBQ is eaten with rice, kimchi, and savory sauces. The flavors of the meat and vegetables are brought out by the different marinades. The marinades and sauces add a lot of flavor to the meat and vegetables. The meat and vegetables are grilled to perfection.

The Babs Korean Restaurant’s BBQ is quick and easy to prepare. The marinades, rice, and sauces can all be made ahead of time. The meat and vegetables can be marinated the night before and grilled in the morning. The meat and vegetables need to be marinated for at least an hour.

Korean BBQ is eaten with your hands. The sauce from the meat and vegetables is eaten with the meat and vegetables.

Address: The Babs Korean Restaurant Lot 8, Golf Driving Range, Kompleks Sukan, Jalan Istiadat & Stadium Likas, Likas, 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Google maps)

Operating hours: 11:00am-11:00pm

Contact no.: 088-230 130

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