Subway is an international fast food chain primarily serving submarine sandwiches made with your choice of meats, veggies, and a “spread” made of Italian olive oil and spices. Each menu is unique and carry different “name-your-own” specials, like spicy Italian, turkey salami, veggie spicy, ham, tuna, and chicken teriyaki.

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The taste of those fresh and toasty submarine sandwiches will never disappoint us.
Freshly made everyday! Plus the Subway restaurants are consistently well designed and decorated. The breads and sauces that they use to create their sandwiches are all homemade and are made in a Wirral, England based factory. There are different types of sauces which the customer can choose from as well as different toppings.

The key to the success of Subway was their reliance on the franchise business model. They set up franchises which allowed individual restaurant owners to make their own decisions regarding the décor and branding of the restaurants. They were both maintenance free and meant that they could focus on maintaining the size of the user base and the quality of food. The popularity of grew rapidly. Why did they become so popular?

The sandwich chain was at the forefront of what turned out to be a revolution in fast food. In 2002, Subway introduced their ‘Fresh Forward’ menu. This menu was unique in the sense that it allowed customers to choose the kind of ingredients they wanted in their sandwiches and the restaurant would then mix them up and serve them.

Inspired by the Japanese , ‘Fresh Forward’ was innovative. Customers could specify what kind of vegetables they wanted in their sandwich and the restaurant would use only the freshest available. The Fresh Forward menu was a major contributing factor to the popularity of Subway.

The other key factor in the success of Subway was their marketing. The marketing team was very proactive in ensuring that their restaurants were visible.

They also had very consistent marketing campaigns. The company were famous for their regular TV ads. These ads were focused on showing people eating the sandwiches and talking about how easy and convenient it was to get delicious sandwiches delivered at a convenient time. These ads were widely enjoyed and have become cult classics.

The success

Their success is easy to understand. The company were proactive in marketing, they listened to what their customers wanted and they ensured that their sandwiches had fresh, local ingredients.

The thing is though, while the success was easy to understand, the failure of the company was a little harder to explain.

Subway reopening in Sabah

One of the main reasons behind the failure of Subway was the decision to enter the fast food market. By opening restaurants to compete with McDonalds and Burger King, they were fighting a losing battle. These giants of the industry were decades ahead of Subway when it came to marketing, customer service, flavor and ingredients.

Lessons Learned

The battle between fast food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King and fast food alternatives like Subway is an ongoing one.

As time passes, the popularity of fast food alternatives continues to climb. This is due largely to changing eating habits. People are beginning to eat healthier and fast food alternatives are becoming increasingly popular.

While the original Subway chain has closed its doors, the Subway brand is still going strong.

🥗 Subway
📍 IMAGO Shopping Mall (Next to Chicken Rice Shop, Basement)
📍 Suria Sabah Shopping Mall (Second Outlet – Soft Opening #staytuned)
🕙 10am-10pm Daily
👨🏻‍🍳👩🏻‍🍳 Serves No Pork

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