Unique & Creative Cafes in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 2019

Floralis Cafe just recently opened at Damai Plaza! Offering you the combination of love in arts, nature and food, this is a place you’ve definitely wanted to visit if you’re looking for a weekend getaway!

There are so many hidden gems of unique cafe & creative cafe in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Join Seats.my for Cafe hunting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!  Here are some lists of cafes.

Check out these unique cafe and creative cafe


🌧 Feeling lazy and demotivated because weekend is coming already? Plus the rainy weather recently makes us feel so lazy to budge out of the house right? *wink 😽 Come on! Don’t be a couch potato! Come out and enjoy a cup of cute 3D latte art to give yourself a caffeine kick!

Whether you’re lazy like that cute piggy 🐷 or excited like the two little kitties 🐱😽, you’ll surely enjoy spending time with your partner in crime even on this rainy, wet season! Come stay dry at @floralis_cafe (Since 22.11.2018)! Ps: lovin their interior (hand-drawn wall) & their freshly baked bread pudding too 😋 & the drinks are not too sweet, perfect for bringing your parents to enjoy too! #seatsmy #floraliscafe .

🌧 周末快到了是不是开始感觉懒惰和失去动力了呢?再加上雨天是不是更加不想出门对吗?眨眼;) 不要再懒惰了!来一杯可爱的3d拿铁来让你更加有活力一些!不管你是像可爱的猪这样懒惰🐷或兴奋的像两只小猫🐱😽, 就算是下雨天你也一定会很享受和你的好友在一起的时光!地点是@floralis_cafe (创始于22.11.2018)!后记:他们的室内设计(手画墙)和他们新鲜的面包布丁我们都超喜欢的!😋#seatsmy #floraliscafe 。

🌸 Floralis Cafe .
🌼 Damai, Kota Kinabalu (used to be Relax Cafe) .
 3pm – 11pm (Mon off)
☕️ Hot Mocha 3D latte piggy 🐷 .
☕️ Hot Matcha 3D latte Kitty 🐱 .
🥧 Bread Pudding .

2. Relax Coffee Cafe

📍📍☕ Relax Coffee Cafe
📍 G-1-12, Menggatal Plaza, Manggatal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
⏰ 11am-11pm DAILY
☎ 019-823 1127
🙅‍♀ Serve No Pork🙅‍♂

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