Effortless Reason Why Woo Café in Jalan Dewan Is Fit for Hipsters?

A Peek Inside Woo Café, the Chic Café in Kota Kinabalu’s Most Bohemian Part of the City.

Woo Café is a chic café you could easily spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon, tucked away behind a comfortable and aesthetic-worthy café next to Kota Kinabalu’s most bohemian street.

It is safe to say a coffee/tea house that has an artistic vibe to it. It is very sleek and contemporary. Although the food and drinks prices are so-so, Woo Café is suitable for activities, hang outs, dates, etc. It is very sleek and contemporary.

What Makes Woo Café Unique?

Yui was in a rush when she reached for a cup of coffee from a nearby shop. Luckily, they offer lots of good and modern coffee options, including V60, cold brew, and a selection of espresso-based drinks. The Cafe’s signature drink is a rather unique one, and the main reason many people are drawn to it.

Tips: Check beforehand for the aforementioned V60 and cold brew options as they aren’t always readily available.

Although the café is not too big it provides a great place to read a book and enjoy some light lunch. It is a café that is excellent for those who want a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Top Hospitality and Services

You can really tell that the people that work here are proud of what they are doing. I was very happy with my service and found the staff members to be very professional and accommodating.

They were very pleasant and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask them for advice on anything. The 3-floor staff at the restaurant were working really hard on the busy day we visited, providing great service with a smile, and are very accommodating. Their level of hospitality is really what sets this restaurant apart.

Woo Cafe’s Chic Ambience

The best thing about this café is the shelves full of books and magazines. I love the fact there are no TVs or distractions. Other than that, this café is full of character and has tons of empty space design. I know it is simple but I love it!

The Food and Beverages in Woo Cafe

If you’re looking for a good place to have coffee, you’ve come to the right place. This locally-owned coffeehouse offers an incredible selection of espresso based drinks as well as wonderful, professional cook with food for all your taste buds.

I really enjoy this restaurant because they serve specialty coffee and local produce with an Asian twist. The restaurant also features a wide range of food choices and uses mostly local produce and food items.

Sabahaneats_ Cafes along Jalan Dewan

I’ve always liked the tenderloin steak. Though it might not be the best choice for everyone, that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious for me. The taste is light and easily shareable, it has a nice flavor and an even juicier texture. They’re my favorite muscle meats and I can’t live without them.

For dessert we had a huge Chocolate Cake. An overkill I would say. Even though the chocolate cake was huge, it tasted great because it was so moist. The cake was truly delicious. Even though the dessert was very good, it was hard to finish because we ordered too much.

If you love coffee then you will love the coffee latte. It is full of flavor and makes for an amazing morning pick me up.

Every café has its own unique style. There are some that are cold and professional, while some are bubbly and happy. If you’re looking for some good coffee, great ambience, a cafe with airy and plenty of light give Woo Café a try.

Located along Jalan Dewan, they recently installed their signboard so its easier to find for tourist and local residents.

Address: 7, Lorong Dewan, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Hours: 9:30AM–11:30PM

Phone: +60 88-211 315

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