Winecellars – The Craziest Christmas & Year End Warehouse Sale

Every year as Christmas approaches Winecellars, people think about their favourite wines and how to set the perfect dining ambiance. However, only a very small number of those people are actually able to get their hands dirty in terms of wine purchasing. There are always the same old suspects, the usual suspects. The well known names, the internationally recognised brands. They may have been your favourites in the past but after years of the sameness, they are starting to lose favour.

It’s the time of the year again! Yes, just a couple of weeks before Christmas kicks in! No doubt, Christmas is one of the most celebrated festive seasons in Malaysia. There are a few things that get people excited for Christmas but the one thing that gets people in the mood is the sales! Who doesn’t love discounts?

If you’re keen on getting Wines and Spirits for cheap then it is well worth checking out Winecellars. This is the website I got my mum for Christmas this year.

Every year Winecellars host a massive warehouse sale. It is an event that is eagerly anticipated by wine consumers all over Sabah. The hype builds up, people get great deals and it is one of the highlights of Christmas.

What is it?

The annual Winecellars warehouse sale is held at a number of different venues around the end of the year, usually at Christmas.

Buying from a wine store means that you are getting a good deal. There is no point in paying more than you have to. When it comes to wines, it is very easy for consumers to be seduced by the big brands. These brands often have huge marketing budgets which they use to get their wines into supermarkets and onto supermarket shelves.

Winecellars Christmas Sale

When it comes to buying wines for a Christmas celebration, there is no question that buying from a wine store is the right way to go.

For this year of festivities, Winecellars is having a pretty great deal on their Christmas & Year End Warehouse Sale starting from 29th November to 2nd December 2018! In the motif of All Stock Must Go, many of their selected clearance items are having promotions up to 50%! Customers will get the chance to taste some wines at Winecellars as well! What a great deal!

Meanwhile, every customer with purchases spent over a specific amount will be entitled for LUCKY DRAWS!

What could Winecellars be piling up for their prizes? Well, here is the list and their minimum purchase range:

  • Lucky Dip for RM500 and above purchase.
  • Get a chance to win 40 Bottles of Vintec Chiller with purchases above RM6500
  • Get a chance to win 166 Bottles of Vintec Chiller with purchases above RM15000

Not only that, there are many other FREE GIFTS too!:

  • Golf Umbrella
  • Luggages
  • Wine Glasses
  • Wine Cooler Bags
  • Decanters
  • Wine Openers

The warehouse sale is usually advertised months in advance. This means that there is a chance that you will find things that you do not like or that are not available. If you know the dates of the event then you will be able to plan carefully. However, if you wait until the last minute then things like the weather and the number of people at the event could cause some surprises.

It’s a good chance to stock up for Christmas & New Year. So wait no more! Let’s go to Winecellars now and pick up some fine wine for this holiday season!

Kota Kinabalu

No.7, Jalan Anggur, Kolombong Industrial Area, Kolombong.
016-832 9842


Ground Floor, No,262, Jalan Padungan, Yun Phin Building, 93100, Kuching.
016-879 5498

View more details on their page:

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